How do i make my digital watch beep every hour?

Answer you can set the alert..this is from pushing several buttons on the watch to get this to work. check the website of the watch manufacturer to download the manual

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How to Make a Casio Watch Stop Beeping Every Hour?

Whether you are working out, working or simply relaxing, wearing a watch helps you keep up with the time. Casio watches have a feature called the hourly time signal that, when activated, makes your... Read More »

My pc wont starts. it makes beep-beep-beep sound continueously. please help me to fix the problem.?

How many beeps before it stops? Its important to know the exact number.

Do people beep every 30 seconds?

Yes but only because I had a germanium diode implanted in my medula oblongata. It's easier than setting a watch if you don't mind nine hours of brain surgery.

My smoke alarm makes a Beep sound every minute or so. What does it mean?

when those things make that beeping noise....sounds like cricket almost, it is its way of telling you that the battery is low. if changing the battery does not work, take the unit down and blow t... Read More »