How do i make my computer screen go back to normal, it is side ways.?

Answer Right click the desktop (normal background screen) click Properties, click Settings, click Advanced, click "NVIDIA [your model of video card here]" and there should be an option called NVRotate or ... Read More »

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My computer screen has turned on it side and I'm not sure how to turn it back to normal?

Go to video setting and look there for a PORTRAIT mode.

Why is my computer screen side ways?

How do i flip my computer screen back to normal!!?

On my computer, it's CTRL+ALT+UP ARROWHaha my friend and I were fighting over the keyboard once and did that lolz (:

Everything on my computer screen has shrunk slightly how do i get it back to normal?

go to your desktop and right click. click to where it says properties or personalize. then click on display settings and change the resolution.