How do i make lemon zest without a zester?

Answer ZestingPlace a bowl or clean cutting board on the counter to catch the lemon zest. Hold a fine grater by its handle, in a horizontal position, with one hand. Rub the outer yellow skin of a lemon ac... Read More »

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How do i zest without a zester?

Grate The ZestRemove the zest from a lemon or other citrus fruit with a grater. You can use a microplane grater or the small holes on one side of a box grater. Place a bowl or cutting board underne... Read More »

How do i zest a lime with a zester?

Holding your zester in one hand and the lime in the other, move your lime back and forth over the rough side of the zester. A zester is a long metal object with tiny holes over it, like something t... Read More »

How do you clean a zester that has dried citrus zest on it?

The zester should be soaked in soapy water to soften the food residue, then cleaned with a stiff brush, such as a tooth brush.

Can you substitute lemon juice for lemon zest?

Lemon zest is a flavoring used in cooking--get it by thinly grating the outer rind of the lemon. You can substitute 2 tbsp. lemon juice or 1/2 tsp. lemon extract for 1 tsp. of lemon zest.Source:All... Read More »