How do i make laminate wood darker?

Answer Sand the flooring---depending on thickness, laminate flooring is generally made to be sanded several times in its lifetime. Depending on the desired finish and amount of wear on the flooring, try a... Read More »

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How do I make wood laminate floor shine again?

Remove DirtSweep the laminate floor, removing all dirt from the surface. It may help to run a vacuum, without a beater, to remove any lose dirt.Spray CleanerSpray laminate floor cleaner to small ar... Read More »

Can i put a darker wood dye on a lighter wood dye?

Yes , provided the lighter piece isn t sealed such as with a poly or urethane.. GL

Laminate Wood Floors Vs. Engineered Wood Floor?

While many homeowners appreciate the beauty of solid hardwood flooring, the maintenance involved in keeping it looking new is not as appealing. For these people, laminate and engineered wood floors... Read More »

What is the difference between laminate wood and engineered wood floors?

Laminate Vs Vinyl LAMINATE: is a relatively new creation, introduced about 30 years ago by Perstorp in Sweden. It is basically a Formica type Melamine surface laminated (Glued) to a very dimensiona... Read More »