How do i make google my home page again?

Answer Drag the G icon in the address bar on top of the home icon. Presto.

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How do I set google as my home page (like the page when you open up your google chrome)?

At the top right corner of chrome, you should see a wrench. Click it and select settings. It should bring up a new window and you should see a section "on startup". Select the "open a specific o... Read More »

How to make google my home page?

Go to, tools tab, Internet Options, then put in the ling to be your home page.

Can i make google my home page?

You can make Google your home page. Popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari have a function that allow users to select their home page. The process for changi... Read More »

How to Make Google My Home Page on My PC?

Each time you open your web browser, the browser navigates to a default page known as your home page. This is your starting point when you browse the Internet. If you find yourself manually navigat... Read More »