How do i make funny noices on the computer?

Answer Desktop Keyboard is the perfect tool to express and give free rein to your musical talent, and to amaze your friends and family with your skills on the piano.Making use of the MIDI capabilities of ... Read More »

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What are some funny faces to make with keys on your computer keyboard?

:) B-) :D ;) :'( Emoticon Key Combination

My computer is making a funny sound?

Could be your processor fan is very close the the power supply cables... thus "cutting" the cables... dismantle & check.

Funny gift for computer geeks?

Good Google wedding favors would be M&Ms in the Google colors - Blue, red, yellow, blue, green, red. Ok, here is a link to custom M&Ms:, here is a link to the G... Read More »

This question is for computer wizards only, please no funny stuff.?

I have been in the electronics repair biz for 30+ years and can tell you that any home entertainment device including desktop PCs are more apt to fail when constantly turned on and off. This is due... Read More »