How do i make a toilet flush using a plunger?

Answer Using the PlungerHold the plunger's shaft and position the rubber end against the toilet drain, creating a seal over the drain with the plunger's rubber suction cup. Push the plunger down against t... Read More »

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How to Remove Toilet Plunger Rubber Marks From Toilet Bowls?

While your traditional rubber plunger is effective in repairing a clogged toilet, the plunger itself often leaves behind dark rubber residue that sticks to the toilet bowl after you have plunged th... Read More »

The History of the Toilet Plunger?

The toilet plunger is a functional tool that has allowed people for decades to unclog their toilets without calling in the professionals. Its simple mould has remained relatively the same since it ... Read More »

Toilet Plunger Types?

With all due respect to a "toilet plunger constitution," all toilet plungers are not created equal. Different plungers are more effective than others, and the proper plunger is important to help un... Read More »

How can you unclog a toilet with no plunger?

If you don't have a plunger, you can Buy a plunger Put a glove on and throw the gunk away Use a stick to fish it out If you have a second toilet you can use, just leave the clogged one alone for a ... Read More »