How do i make a muffler&air intake louder?

Answer Cut the ExhaustGive the exhaust some route to escape to make it louder. The muffler is your exhaust's primary silencer and is far enough back that you can ventilate the pipe without introducing any... Read More »

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Why is my central air conditioning unit getting louder and louder?

could be the blower wheel itself is out of balance or the hub is coming loose from the blower...or the motor bearings are going has to be one of the two problems...

How to Make a Car Louder?

After watching car movies like "The Fast and the Furious," you might be inspired to have your car look and sound like that. Although making your vehicle look like that may cost you a lot of money, ... Read More »

How to make my speakers louder?

This is to do with amplification. The sound output from the normal headphone jack is not amplified. Your speakers are not amplified either. On your previous setup there was an output socket which w... Read More »

How to Make Your Car Sound Louder?

There are many ways to give your car a deeper, meaner sound, and most of those involve modifying the exhaust system. Generally, creating more airflow throughout the exhaust system will make the veh... Read More »