How do i make a man feel important?

Answer Be PresentBe present when you spend time with your man. You can make him feel important by giving him eye contact, really listening to what he talks about, and asking questions about his life and h... Read More »

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How to Make Yourself Feel Good About Yourself and Feel Important?

Sometimes we all feel like we need to fix something inside of us. We all know how it feels to feel unnecessary. It's good to know you feel this way because you can then began working on it. We need... Read More »

How to Make a Customer Feel Important?

Marketing studies show that a high percentage of many companies' business comes from repeat customers and that customer dissatisfaction is often tied to feeling ignored by sales staff. According to... Read More »

Why do you feel it is important to communicate clearly, politely and confidentially with customers?

You want them to come back, right?Repeat custom is very important.Just remember every customer is a blabbermouth and will tell their friends, family, neighbours and the person they sit next to on t... Read More »

This isn't a question (yes a rant) but I feel it's an important one for the sake of new mothers. There is a?

This used to be my very touchy subject here and for good reason. Spend a few days in the newborn & baby section and you will see how many people let their 1 week old baby cry for 2 hours. Those a... Read More »