How do i make a homemade rain gauge?

Answer ConstructTake a wide-mouth glass jar, or any straight-sided glass container. Tape a ruler to the inside of the glass. The ruler can be a plastic ruler, cut to fit inside the jar, or a paper ruler p... Read More »

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The Raw Materials Used to Make a Rain Gauge?

A rain gauge is a simple tool that measures the amount of rain that falls during a given period. The amount of rain captured in the gauge is equal to the amount that fell on the surrounding landsca... Read More »

How to Make a Rain Gauge Book?

Hands-on activities makes science lessons interesting. Teach your students to measure and record data by assigning them a rain gauge diary. Students can make their rain gauges in class, then take t... Read More »

How to Make a Rain Gauge out of a Plastic Bottle?

A rain gauge is an instrument used to record the amount of rainfall. Sometimes they can be expensive to buy, if you don't have the money to buy a rain gauge-then follow these steps to make your own... Read More »

How to Make a Hockey Puck Rain Gauge?

Hockey Puck Rain GaugeThis simple rain gauge uses a hockey puck to hold the rainfall measuring tube. It is a good gift for the hockey enthusiast. Cost of materials is typically less than $4.00, but... Read More »