How do i load music onto a blackberry 8300 from a computer?

Answer Connect your BlackBerry 8300 to your personal computer through the USB. Start the BlackBerry Desktop Manager if it doesn't start automatically when you connect the BlackBerry 8300. (See Resource 1.... Read More »

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Will a BlackBerry 8300 theme work on a BlackBerry 8130?

A BlackBerry 8300 theme will not work on a BlackBerry 8130. The BlackBerry 8130, also known as the Pearl, has a significantly smaller screen size than the BlackBerry 8300, also known as the Curve.S... Read More »

How do i load music to my computer?

Loading music onto your computer can be accomplished by using the appropriate combination of hardware and software. If you have a physical copy of the music, via CD for example, you may load the CD... Read More »

What blackberry is better 8300 or the 9300?

How do i unlock a blackberry 8300 sim?

Turn on the BlackBerry 8300. Dial *#06# and press the green Send button. Write down the IMEI number that appears. Call your mobile service provider. Ask for the unlock code for your BlackBerry 8300... Read More »