How do i load a usb keyboard during boot?

Answer PreparationTurn off your computer.ConnectingConnect the USB connector on the keyboard to an available USB port. You can USB hubs if needed. USB ports may be located on the front or back of desktops... Read More »

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How to Troubleshoot a Keyboard that Doesn't Work During a Boot?

If you've ever worked with your computer's pre-boot settings program (called the BIOS), you are aware that during these processes you cannot use your computer mouse--you are required to navigate ar... Read More »

How to Load XP with Boot Camp?

First released with the Leopard iteration of Mac OS X, Apple's Boot Camp utility provides users with a simple interface for creating new partitions with which to run alternative operating systems. ... Read More »

How do I boot with a USB keyboard?

Change BIOS SettingsEnter the computer BIOS by connecting a PS2 keyboard to the computer and tapping the "Delete," "F1" or "F2" key on your keyboard. Locate the "Enable/disable USB host controller"... Read More »

The Dell E310 Won't Load the USB Keyboard & Mouse?

The Dell Dimension 3100 (also known as the E310) is a desktop computer that runs the Windows operating system. When troubleshooting a USB keyboard and mouse, limited components and software are inv... Read More »