How do i literitly have my eyes glow red?

Answer Eye contact lensesEveryone knows that

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Why do a cat's eyes glow in the dark?

A glowing pair of cat's eyes, staring out at you in the night: it's a striking and spooky sight to behold. But what makes cats' eyes glow like that? The answer lies in the tapetum lucidum, a small,... Read More »

How to Make Your Eyes Glow?

Whether it's part of a Halloween costume or as a practical joke, making your eyes glow can be a fun way to "wow" your friends. Contact lenses that glow in the dark will draw attention to you in any... Read More »

My little sister bit a glow stick and got the glow part in her mouth and I want to know if she will be ok?

i've accidentally bitten them open before and they taste gross but i never got sick from them. she should be fine, watch her and if she looks like she is feeling sick or anything take her to the e... Read More »

What makes glow in the dark things glow?

Three main ways. Radioactive, light absorbing material and chemical reaction.Radioactive: In the good old days say before the 80's or 70's they used Radium. They painted watch & clock dials and ins... Read More »