How do i literitly have my eyes glow red?

Answer Eye contact lensesEveryone knows that

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Why do a cat's eyes glow in the dark?

A glowing pair of cat's eyes, staring out at you in the night: it's a striking and spooky sight to behold. But what makes cats' eyes glow like that? The answer lies in the tapetum lucidum, a small,... Read More »

How to Make Your Eyes Glow?

Whether it's part of a Halloween costume or as a practical joke, making your eyes glow can be a fun way to "wow" your friends. Contact lenses that glow in the dark will draw attention to you in any... Read More »

What color eyes will baby have if male has blue eyes and female has brown eyes?

To accurately guess it would be better to have the eye color of both of the parent's parents.

What color eyes will baby have if mother has brown eyes and father has blue eyes?

Brown eye gene = BBlue eye gene = b Each person has two copies of the eye color gene in their genome, one inherited from each parent. Now if both parents only carry the gene for brown eyes, BB and ... Read More »