How do i lay tile on the diagonal?

Answer Tiles can be laid on a diagonal for an interesting and unexpected twist. Regardless of where you are placing the tile, laying tiles diagonally is a fairly easy process. With just a few extra tools,... Read More »

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Should I Lay Tile Straight or Diagonal?

Cutting hard tiles--ceramic, porcelain, marble and granite--employs several different kinds of tools, depending on the type of tile and the type of cut. It's important to using the right method and... Read More »

How to layout diagonal floor ceramic tile?

Find the center line in the room for both directions. Snap a chalk line for those which will mark the center of your room. Now, start from the center and dry fit your tile with the corners runnin... Read More »

How to Install a Tile Floor in a Diagonal Pattern?

Installing your tile floor in a diagonal pattern will create interest and an unexpected touch of class in your home. Tile floors work well in many areas of your home, so mixing different tile layou... Read More »

What is the tile piece that connects wall tile to floor tile?

It is called a cove tile. It has a little curve at the bottom to connect to the floor tiles.