How do i know you're not a Cylon?

Answer I've been to Ragnar with no ill effects : )Plus... I can't make toast! lolz

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Is it possible to not know youre 3 months pregnant?

yes it is possible to know whether you're 3 months pregnant through symptoms such as that of: morning sickness; missed cycles; swelling of the abdomen; frequent urination; swelling and tenderness o... Read More »

How to Carve a Cylon Pumpkin?

Cylons are an alien race from the Battlestar Galactica series. Even if your trick-and-treaters don't know who the Cylons are though, this amazing cylon pumpkin will intrigue and amuse those calling... Read More »

Who is the twelfth cylon on battlestar galactica?

The exact numbers are unknown but the last to be revealed was Ellen Tigh.

Is Starbuck revealed as a Cylon in the new series of Battlestar Galactica?

No, as of the end of season 3 she has not been proved or disproved a cylon, but there is still one of the final five not yet accounted for, so it is unclear at this point._______My understanding is... Read More »