How do i know you're not a Cylon?

Answer I've been to Ragnar with no ill effects : )Plus... I can't make toast! lolz

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How to Carve a Cylon Pumpkin?

Cylons are an alien race from the Battlestar Galactica series. Even if your trick-and-treaters don't know who the Cylons are though, this amazing cylon pumpkin will intrigue and amuse those calling... Read More »

Who is the twelfth cylon on battlestar galactica?

The exact numbers are unknown but the last to be revealed was Ellen Tigh.

Who was the the last cylon revealed in battle star galactica?

The whole thing is up on YouTube. Just search for it and It'll come up.

Is there a chance that some battlestar's survived after the Cylon attacks?

Yes, in the 1970's version of the show that actually occurred. There were several episodes with a second Battlestar. It's captain was played by Lloyd Bridges.