How do i know which survey meter to use?

Answer Survey meters are handheld devices designed to detect certain types of radiation. While all objects give off radiation, survey meters detect concentrations of radiation, which makes it easy to tell... Read More »

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Did you know (Survey about alcohol 😬)?

Sure that never stopped teens like me from drinking and having fun though :P

Tokio Hotel Family: survey to get to know you?

1. Paige2. 153. ireland. moving to england soon :)4.Bring me the horizon, 30 seconds to mars, Jackson 5.5. Skinny jeans, colorful t-shirt, converse and a hoodie.6. Black.7. Dancing, singing, readin... Read More »

A Parenting Survey to get to know the mommas out there [=?

1. Grace Marie2. The Chicago area3. Married4. Three5. James (Jamie), Caroline (Cara), and Jill (Jilly)6. I work as a Human Resources manager for a mid-sized insurance agency, and, put simply, I wor... Read More »

Tokio Hotel Family: Little 'get to know you' survey?

YouName:SusanAge:15Favourite Colour:Red or Silver...Country:USA, but was Born in BrasilPets:noneSiblings:A half-brother that was born and lives in england (my dad was married before my mom)Favourit... Read More »