How do i know what diopter reading glasses i need?

Answer You may be dreading the day when you will have to extend your arm or use a magnifying glass in order to read small print. This condition, called presbyopia, happens to almost everyone who reaches t... Read More »

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What reading glasses do i need?

Hi, there are many reasons for eye strains.If you wear single vision glasses for distance use now, you should get one pair of glasses with spheres lower -1.00 than the distance use ones for compute... Read More »

How can make myself need reading glasses?

You really can't. All that "don't sit too close to the tv or you'll make your eyes bad" and other stuff like that are mostly old wives tales. You either need glasses or you don't. You may have p... Read More »

My eye doctor says I have a stigma of 5 diopter in my right eye, can I make my eyes better without glasses?

If indeed you have never worn glasses and need the above prescription, You need to prepare yourself for the wonders that you will now be able to see in the world out there. You have quite a signifi... Read More »

I still need reading glasses after my lasik surgery, WHY?

There are a number of factors. One could be your age. Many people who have 20/20 vision cannot see fine print up close and therefore need reading glasses to help them read. The older you get, th... Read More »