How do i know what brand or kind of graphic card do i have in my computer?

Answer type dxdiag in ur run box and look on the display tab ...

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How to Know What Kind of Wireless Card Your Computer Has?

Wireless cards in desktop and laptop computers allow the computer to connect to any wireless networks within range so that they can use network resources such as printers, storage and Internet acce... Read More »

What kind of graphics card does an HP computer have?

The type of graphics card installed depends upon the specific make and model of the HP computer. Hewlett-Packard has used many third-party graphics card vendors over the years, including nVidia an... Read More »

What kind of computer do graphic designers use?

Choosing a PC or a Mac is a matter of personal preference for graphic designers, but Mac is the most popular choice. Mac computers work efficiently with all graphic design software and tend to be l... Read More »

What kind of brand new computer should I purchase for myself?

I just bought an HP. Its the best computer ive own. I don't know what kind it is because we added a bunch of things to make it ideal for us. Dell is pretty good too. another note. When you buy a c... Read More »