How do i know if something on ebay is real ?

Answer Well on eBay set up an account with Pay Pal. If you pay with Pay Pal and the people you order from excepts Pay Pal. You can get a refund if it's not what you order or bidder on.

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How do you know if you are buying a real Bison on ebay?

Well normally Ebay can be trusted, i've never had any troubles, as long as you're cautious and research. As far as I knew they can't sell live animals on ebay can they? Maybe you'll be getting a fi... Read More »

Is ebay safe or not first time to like something on ebay and it cost a lot of money so idk if its safe?

yeah its safe. I buy a lot of things on ebay. The sellers always ship and the few that dont are really screwed because you can tell ebay that they scammed you and they will get banned from the site... Read More »

How to buy something on Ebay?

Most sellers require a PayPal account. Do you have one? If so all that information is on your PayPal account. You need to setup a PayPal account with a credit card or your bank account.http://pa... Read More »

Can you just not pay for something after you win it on ebay?

Hi there,If you still have access to the page where you bought the products, send Ebay an email stating that the shipping was FREE, so you should have never been charged for shipping.That's why I d... Read More »