How do i know if my legs broken?

Answer Seriously... why have you not gone to the emergency room or your Urgent Care facility? We can not assess a broken leg via internet. You need an xray now.

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What do broken capillaries on the arms&legs mean?

A broken capillary, also known as a "spider vein" or telangiectasia, is a small, curling, threadlike line, pink to red to blue, often on the arms or legs. What broken capillaries mean often depends... Read More »

Hey Do you know how many legs do centipede have?

I'm pretty sure as the centipede grows and matures, it gets more legs as each little section grows...

How to Know If A/C Compressor Is Broken?

A car's air conditioning compressor can fail due to a lack of lubricant or a mechanical issue, and a broken compressor usually will have to be replaced. Checking for a broken compressor involves us... Read More »

How do i know if my finger is Broken?

OUCH!!!! My dad is a Physical Therapyst, so he deals with this kind of stuff all the time. You can tell if its broken, if you can hardley move it. if u cant really feel the finger next to it, and y... Read More »