How do i know if my foot is broken?

Answer Watch for if it swells up or bruises because that is an indicator that its broke. You may have just cracked a knuckle or something though.

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How do I know if my foot is broken or fractured?

i broke my foot in july. i stepped down a step, but missed seeing the step.........first thing i did was go to my regular doctor. they took me immediately (hadn't been in over 5 years) they had xr... Read More »

How do I know if I broken my ankle/foot?

Just fly over to the UK and you can have some x-rays for free on our NHS! :o)To be honest, the only way you're going to know for certain if its broken is if you have the x-rays. If you can walk on ... Read More »

Is my foot broken?

Go to a doctor and make a radiography. Maybe you felt and who knows?

Could my foot be broken?