How do i know if my computer is being tracked?

Answer Get adware remover.

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How to Know if Your Computer Has Been Tracked?

There is no surefire way to know if your computer is being hacked or root kitted by some hacker out there, short of keeping it clean-room by never, ever connecting it to the internet. However, ther... Read More »

Can my ISP be tracked through MSN Messenger?

Yes. There are plenty of ways to get the IP address of someone you're chatting with on MSN messenger. Your IP address is like your computer's online address, and with it someone can find your ISP.R... Read More »

Can a TracFone be tracked?

A TracFone can be traced, but only the federal government and law enforcement as of 2010. Using cell towers, the government can find the phone's general area and can determine if it moves to anothe... Read More »

Can a iphone 4 be tracked?

The purpose of d3o on the iphone case is to protect the phone from any sort of impact, as d3o is very good at absorbing impact. However d3o is not designed to improve the reception on the phone.