How to Know if Your Boyfriend Is in Love With You?

Answer Think your boyfriend is falling for you , but not really sure? Read on to see signs he is in love with you!

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How to Know That Your Boyfriend Really Loves You?

The young woman is standing across the room, gazing at her boyfriend, and wondering if he really does love her. How does she know if this is real? She has been giving this relationship all she has ... Read More »

My boyfriend raped me and i still love him and i actually dont know what im asking...?

Ok look you know I really like you & care about you but what that guy did wasn't ok. If that's how he's gonna take out his anger on you every time you do something bad or get abusive in other ways... Read More »

Your boyfriend at the age of twelve got you pregnant when you where having sex with him but know he dosent love you any more what should you do?

AnswerThe first thing you need to do is to talk to someone you trust, whether it be a parent, a teacher an adult family friend, someone who will help you through this. After that or if you have no ... Read More »