How do i know if i broke or sprained my foot?

Answer If you can walk on it you've sprainged it. Just ice and try to take it easy for a while.

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How do i know if i broke/sprained my toe?

There is nothing they can do for a broken or sprained toe. It has to heal on it's own. Try to keep it in an open shoe and don't keep pulling it. Take advil to reduce the pain.

How to know if i sprained my foot?

RestIceCompressElevateFor impact injuries.Rest it, put ice on it, rap in bandages for compression, and elevate above heart. I broke both my forearm bones last friday.

How do you know you broke your foot?

redness swelling pain when u touch sound in the place like crepitus ARE signs of fracture.. GO for a X-RAY SOON

How do you know if you broke your foot?

its good if you can walk on it because if it were broken you wouldnt be able to put any pressure on it at all. it also would not be swollen today, so it is likely just a bruise.