How do i know if i broke my arm?

Answer If you can't move it, go to the doctor! This is not a good sign. You want to get it checked because some breaks can cause nerve damage or blood vessel / circulation problems.

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Would you know if you fractured or dislocated your neck right away Would you know if you broke it ?

Calm down. You didn't break it, you would already be paralyzed if ou did. But you should see a doctor if possible.

How do you know if you broke your big toe?

My dad was an orthopedic surgeon (bone doctor) he said that almost always when you stub a toe and it continues to hurt for more than 'just right after' that you've fractured it. So you probably ha... Read More »

How do i know if i broke/sprained my toe?

There is nothing they can do for a broken or sprained toe. It has to heal on it's own. Try to keep it in an open shoe and don't keep pulling it. Take advil to reduce the pain.

How do i know if my wrist is broke/?