How do i keep my webcam running while still in sleep mode?

Answer Disable your Screen Saver, Sleep Mode AND Hibernate Mode.In Start > Help and Support, look for Power Options.

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Why can't I uninstall a program while running on Windows Safe Mode?

First of all, if you are running in Safe Mode, then something is not quite right with your computer.That is what happens when you boot up when it was not shut-down correctly (powered off while stil... Read More »

How to Keep the Wireless on During Sleep Mode in Vista?

Your can set your system to launch a "sleep mode" after your Vista computer or laptop has remained idle for a specific amount of time. Sleep mode lowers the amount of energy the computer consumes w... Read More »

Can i leave my laptop running while i go to sleep?

YEs, Computers are meant to stay on 24/7 just make sure it has good ventilation and it will be fine.

Can you keep your windows open while the air conditioner is running?

You can keep your windows open with the air conditioner running, but by doing so, you are letting the hot air in, the cold air out, wasting electricity, and causing your electric bill to be higher.... Read More »