How do i keep birds from eating grass seed?

Answer While beautiful and highly useful in controlling the insect pest population, birds also have a love for the taste of grass seed. The best plan of attack for landscapers is to utilize at least two o... Read More »

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How do I keep birds from grass seed?

Create a ScarecrowTake two canes and attach them to each other in a cross shape using twine. Place in the soil where the grass seeds are planted. Source some old clothes which will billow in the wi... Read More »

How to Keep My Horse From Eating Grass on Trails?

Many horses love to snatch mouthfuls of grass while trail riding, and in some cases the grass is tempting enough to make a horse stop completely to eat, ignoring the rider's cues. This behavior is ... Read More »

How do I keep crabgrass out of new grass seed?

Healthy LawnKeep your lawn is healthy to discourage crabgrass. Apply fertilizer to your lawn yearly in the fall to encourage stronger turf that will choke out the crabgrass. Do not apply herbicides... Read More »

Is Sand Good to Keep Grass Seed Protected?

A light cover of soil or mulch will retain moisture and keep grass seed from being lost to the elements, but sand needs to be mixed with other materials to be a protective cover. Sand is used for s... Read More »