How do i keep birds from eating grass seed?

Answer While beautiful and highly useful in controlling the insect pest population, birds also have a love for the taste of grass seed. The best plan of attack for landscapers is to utilize at least two o... Read More »

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How do I keep birds from grass seed?

Create a ScarecrowTake two canes and attach them to each other in a cross shape using twine. Place in the soil where the grass seeds are planted. Source some old clothes which will billow in the wi... Read More »

How much seed do birds eat in a day?

The average wild bird can eat anywhere from a quarter to one half of its body weight in seed per day. The amount of seed a pet bird is able to eat a day depends on its body weight.Source:Big Site o... Read More »

What do wild birds like eating?

Birds are some of the most prominent wild animals. Many different kinds of wild birds live in every part of the world, and while they all enjoy eating different things, there are few foods that mos... Read More »

Unusual Eating Habits of Birds?

Many of us who own parakeets or cockatoos understandably believe that nuts and seeds alone are enough to satisfy birds. Yet nature provides many examples of avians who sport more adventuresome crav... Read More »