How do i keep a picture window from breaking&shattering when a dog pushes at it?

Answer Make the Window UnpleasantTry putting something that will keep your dog from getting close to the window, thus training your dog to avoid the window. Scat Mats and Pet Tattle Tales are useful as th... Read More »

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How do I Keep a Picture Window From Breaking & Shattering When a Dog Pushes At It?

If your pet pushes hard enough on an ordinary glass window (technically called "annealed glass"), he can break it. Solve the problem by replacing the annealed glass with tempered glass or some comb... Read More »

When i share a picture from instagram to facebook it posts it as a tiny link instead of the picture?

Ehh just save the image and post it to Facebook yourself. Simple. ;-/

How do i stop my samsung lcd tv picture setting from keep switching from movie to dynamic every 15 mins or so?

You're TV is set to "Store Demo" which automatically resets the TV to Dynamic every 30 minutes. In the menu you should be able to set the TV to "Home Use"

How to Keep a Window From Leaking Cold?

Going into winter with drafty leaks around your windows can hit your pocketbook hard. The use of some good caulk and weatherstripping can stop those drafty leaks where they start and make your home... Read More »