How do i join the navy reserves as an rn?

Answer QualificationsA registered nurse must be in good standing with the nursing associated or a student of nursing of good standing within the nursing school. The nurse should be practicing nursing at t... Read More »

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Can I still join the Navy Reserves if i'm 47?

The maximum age for enlistment in the United States Navy Reserve is 35, and 39 for medical professionals. Therefore, it is not possible to join the Navy Reserve at age 47. The only exception comes ... Read More »

Can I join Navy reserves with RE4 discharge?

On One Hand: You Cannot Re-EnlistFormer military personnel who have been classified Re-enlistment Code 4 (RE4) are not currently eligible to re-enlist in any branch of service or the National Guard... Read More »

Can you join the navy reserves if you are pregnant?

You cannot join the Navy reserves if you are already pregnant. However, if you do become pregnant once you have been accepted, you cannot be let go. The Navy reserves has policies in place for expe... Read More »

How often do navy reserves get paid is it broken up into two paychecks on the 1st and 15th like regular navy?

It sure is not. You are not active therefore you will not get active pay. They only pay you for drill weekends and the 2 week minimum you work. Now you can activate for no longer than 6 months brok... Read More »