How do i install wiring after building a house?

Answer Pre-Wire InstallationPre-wire the installation. Pre-wiring consists of several steps in which you must run the signal wires, locate the mud rings, route the wires and provide service loops of at le... Read More »

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How was the first house electrical wiring and telephone wiring put in how did the light switches work?

The oldest wiring I have run across is either knob and tube or cleat wiring. The wires did have insulation (rubber had already been invented) and the were supported off the wood frame of the house ... Read More »

My new neighbour is building something under his house.. it is illegal building work - what to do?

You're an architect.You see a hazard that others may be unable to recognize.Report it. - Ethically, You have no choice.

House Wiring 101?

The best place to start any residential wiring project is at the breaker panel, which is the control center for all the circuits in your house, and understanding it will make your project easier. B... Read More »

What is 100 amp house wiring?

Amperage is a measure of the flow of electricity from power lines into your home and to appliances that use electricity. At one time, most homes were wired for 60-amp electrical service, but today ... Read More »