How do i install my new hardrive to my computer?

Answer Use the software you got with the driveHopefully, your xps400 has a SATA port. All the major drive manufacturers supply a CD with the software required to transfer the entire old drive to the new ... Read More »

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How do I install Windows XP on a Slave hardrive?

Configure CD ROM AccessAccess the computer Basic Input Output System (BIOS) by pressing the “Delete” or “F1” key on your keyboard. BIOS access and configuration types vary among motherboard... Read More »

Can you install windows to an external hardrive?

Most computers won't BOOT from an external drive or USB device. Check your BIOS settings. Good luck and Happy Computing!

My computer is slow, but not because of viruses, just needs more memory, can an external hardrive do the trick?

Look up your system model on the support section of the manufacturer's page. There will be a lot of technical jargon in the RAM section that you will probably not understand. Copy it down and tak... Read More »

Does staples check your hardrive history when they fix your computer?

I doubt they do depends on the person repairing it, why wot you been up to, get ccleaner it will cover your internet tracks