How do i install apps downloaded from isohunt to my itouch?

Answer You can't! You can only get app from the app store!

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Is it free to use apps once they are downloaded?

It is alerts for your phone. All you have to do is tap and drag down with your finger, mine has mostly been weather alerts but i'm sure there are others too.

Can you get apps on the iTouch version 1?

You can download applications from the iTunes Application Store for the first generation iPod Touch. To make the iPod Touch compatible with the Application Store, upgrade it to iOS version 2. When ... Read More »

How do you allow apps to be downloaded not from the android maarket?

Go to Settings -> Applications (the exact name of this point differs for each phone, and even each ROM, but they should all mention 'Applications' in the title.) -> Manage Applications. Find the on... Read More »

How do you access your apps that was downloaded on your sd card?