How do i install a printer without the install cd?

Answer You can always download the driver from dell website. After downloading, install the driver and when only prompted plug in the usb cable and switch on the printer.

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How do I re-install my printer without the install CD!?

Find out the Brand and model of your printer. If it is not obvious on the front/back panel, check underneath for any emboss/stickers. Then go to the company's website and download the drivers from ... Read More »

Is there a program for Win Xp that allows me use any printer on a generic level without the printer install cd?

Yes and No. The most popular printer driver is called a PCL driver. About 70% of laser printers sold in the US can print using a generic PCL driver. The best way to do this is to use the windo... Read More »

I last my printer CD and I rebooted my computer. How do I install my printer without the CD?

You can download and install the printer drivers on the Net.If you'd told us the Printer Make and model, I'd have been able to give you the link.Post that detail so that someone else can help you w... Read More »

How to Install Printer without CD?

hey lol try this link…choose the operating platform u r working with and download the driver file..