How do i install a carpet tack strip on concrete?

Answer Appropriate Tack StripChoose the appropriate tack strip for concrete. Tack strip that is meant for wood floors can not be installed on concrete floors because the nails will bend. Choose concrete t... Read More »

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How do you install tack strip on concrete?

there are special hardened nails that bite into concrete ask at any home improvement center, they'll show you which to useYou can also, if the floor is old or the nails are not going in easily, gl... Read More »

How do I install tack strip for carpet?

Clean the surface of the floor of any dirt, debris or dust. Lay the tack strips flat against the floor around the perimeter of the area with pins pointing up. Do not lay strips in front of doorways... Read More »

How do i install a carpet tack strip?

Applying Tack StripsApply the tack strips around the perimeter of the room. Leave approximately 2/3 the thickness of the carpet in between the strips and wall. Tack strips come ready to install wit... Read More »

How do I install carpet tack strip on steps?

MeasureMeasure the width of the stairs using a tape measure and subtract an inch from your measurement. Cut two strips per stair at the subtracted length.InstallationAttach a tack strip onto the ri... Read More »