How do i identify the male& female of the Rouen duck?

Answer Bill ColorLook at the color of the Rouen's beak. Males have a yellow to green bill, females an orange bill.The TailExamine the tail feathers of the duck. Male Rouen ducks, like their mallard ancest... Read More »

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How do I tell if a white duck is male or female?

AgeSex the duck when it is two months of age or older. It is nearly impossible to sex a white duck younger than two months.The TailView the bird from the back. Drakes, the male duck, have curled ta... Read More »

Can you eat Rouen duck eggs?

Rouen duck can be eaten, according to the University of Minnesota. Rouen ducks are a popular breed found on farms. Like all ducks, the eggs of the Rouen are saved for eating and to hatch.References... Read More »

How long does it take for Rouen duck eggs to hatch?

Rouen duck eggs, according to the University of Minnesota's Extension, take 28 days to hatch. The female duck can sit on nine to 11 eggs, and the nest should be in a place where the duck and eggs w... Read More »

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