How do i hook up my Kenwood vr-209 receiver, to my westingtonhouse flat screen tv?

Answer Use an RCA cable to establish connection between receiver & tv. Most TVs got an RCA audio (video) out (White+Red+Yellow). Don't bother about Yellow (for Video), just connect the audio out (White+Re... Read More »

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How do i hook a laptop up to a flat screen tv?

Attach video cable to computer and flat screen TV. Video graphics array (VGA) and S-Video cables are the two most common cables used. High-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) cables and digital ... Read More »

How do I hook up a microphone to a flat screen PC?

Microphone with 1/4-inch connectorLocate the sound card on your PC's system unit; this is typically on the back side, identified by its red, green and blue line-in jack. Plug the microphone in to t... Read More »

Can you hook up pc speakers to a flat screen TV?

You can connect PC speakers to any device that has a headphone jack, including your flat-screen television. To connect the speakers, simply plug them into the headphone port on your flat-screen TV.... Read More »

HOW do I hook up speakers to my 52in. flat screen HD TV?

If there are no speaker connections on the back of the TV, then you need to buy a sound system. The 5.1 is popular and many programs are recorded with a Surround 5.1 audio track. This system will h... Read More »