How do i hook a chimney pipe to a stove?

Answer Chimney pipe is made from metal and runs from an appliance to the chimney. It often is used with wood-pellet stoves, wood stoves and gas furnaces, and it can be hooked up to nearly any stove that r... Read More »

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Instructions on How to Hook a Chimney Pipe to a Stove?

Proper attachment of the chimney pipe to your wood stove ensures that you won't end up with a room filled with smoke. Installing the chimney pipe involves going up on the roof and inserting it into... Read More »

Does a pellet stove use a chimney pipe?

All wood-burning pellet stoves utilize a chimney pipe to ventilate combustion fumes and smoke. Some pellet stoves are designed as fireplace inserts that vent through a metal duct installed inside t... Read More »

What is used for wood stove chimney pipe insulation?

Mineral wool is the recommended insulation for chimney pipes. Although regular fiberglass insulation is not flammable, it contains a resin that fails at 250 degrees and falls apart at high temperat... Read More »

Does a pellet stove use a pipe inside a brick chimney?

A pipe in a chimney isn't needed to vent a pellet stove. Most pellet stoves are placed on an outside wall with the vent pipe going outside through the wall. This type of installation is smaller an... Read More »