How do i help my child socialize at school?

Answer Every parent worries whether her child is being socialized effectively during almost all phases of his school life, whether in nursery school or high school. You can try many ways to assist a child... Read More »

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How do you calculate the time percentage each parent being with the child when the child has school and one parent sends the child to the school while the other picks him up when school is over?

The amount of hours with each parent, minus time at school. see link

How Can I Help My ADD Child at School?

Attention Deficit Disorder is a common condition among children. Its intensity can vary greatly, with some children having minor problems with concentration and others having severe academic proble... Read More »

How to Help a Child Concentrate at School?

Children have difficulty concentrating at school for various reasons. Many children get distracted by noise, action, the presence of other children and a variety of other factors. While some childr... Read More »

How to Help Your Child in School Matters?

Children from all the age groups face some or the other problems in the school,it can be anything from the peer group teasing to teaching learning experience.And as a parent you try to help your ch... Read More »