How do i heal a pulled muscle in my neck/shoulder?

Answer While nothing can be done to make a pulled muscle heal faster, there are several ways to treat a pulled muscle at home in order to reduce the pain and improve function. The first step is to place a... Read More »

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How to Heal a Pulled Muscle in the Neck?

The neck is one of the most uncomfortable places on the body to have a pulled muscle. However, you do not need to go straight to a masseuse or chiropractor; you can attempt to relieve the pain your... Read More »

How to heal a pulled neck muscle?

Difficulty: Moderately EasyInstructionsStep 1Get plenty of rest for the first few days after injury. Acute injury lasts for the first 2 to 7 days after a muscle injury and is characterized by hot, ... Read More »

How can I heal a pulled muscle fast?

You can heal a pulled muscle fast by taking rest and gently massaging the painful area with oil.

Heal lower back pulled or tore muscle?

The pain could be psychosomatic, if nothing is getting detected in the X-rays. You need to go for physiotherapy.