How do i hang hams?

Answer Salt ItRub the entire surface with the ham with salt. This should include the meat and rind area of the ham. Over time, this will reduce the natural waters found in the ham. This will also cause th... Read More »

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How do i make country hams?

Preparing the hamUnwrap your dry cured ham and scrub off any mold that you see on the surface. Remove the hock with a saw. Put the ham in a cooler and fill it with water. Keep the ham in the water ... Read More »

How Are Spiral-Cut Hams Made?

Spiral-cut hams are enjoyed as much for their decorative appearance as for their flavor. Commercially sold hams get that spiral look from a professional meat-slicing machine. It can also be done a... Read More »

Types of Baking Hams?

Hams are one of the most favored parts of the pig, with tender meat and succulent flavor. Holidays such as Christmas and Easter are traditional times for serving ham, but it is a delicious choice a... Read More »

How to Remove Salt From Hams?

Ham, by the very nature of the processing procedure, a salty meat. Ham's distinct flavor means that for some dishes, only ham will do. To continue eating ham even when on a low-salt diet, simply re... Read More »