How do i grow my boobs i'm 13.... :(?

Answer Hey Brenda, just wait some more, you are not done growing! Try strengthening your chest area by taking weights and bringing them up to your head and down to your waist, this is supposed to give you... Read More »

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Im 13 and i want boobs. im absolutely flat . how do i grow boobs!?

Will my boobs ever grow?

When I was twelve, in 7th grade, I got made fun of for being so flat (they called me carpenter's dream). The summer between 7th and 8th grade, my boobs grew from an A to a large C. Genetics play a ... Read More »

Are my boobs going to grow?

you are still young, your boobs won't stop growing until you are 19.. don't worry, and yes, when they are tender, it means they are growing.. don't compare yourself with other girls in your school,... Read More »

Will my boobs EVER grow!!!?

Maybe not ... but it doesn't matter ... if people think your sis is hot just cause she's got a reasonable set of boobs ...then how shallow is that .... Good things come in small packages ... just b... Read More »