How do i go about getting immunizations?

Answer Look at the NVIC website.May want to watch the video on you tube,called college conspiracy.

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Who here has refused immunizations?

I refuse all immunizations for my children. I made this decision after much research. I feel that having an immune system that is not tampered with is the healthiest thing for them. Do the research... Read More »

How to Get Immunizations for Traveling?

Traveling internationally can be a fun and exciting adventure. Amidst all the fun however, it is important to understand that various diseases that are not common in your country may be prevalent i... Read More »

Immunizations Does anyone else think that these cause many problems in children.?

So to summarize, you know more than all these PhD degree doctors, and all others in the medical field. The history books lied to us !! All these deceases and countless deaths throughout most of hu... Read More »

What immunizations are safe during pregnancy?