How do i get tv reception on my computer?

Answer As computers have grown in power, televisions have become increasingly obsolete. We can watch DVDs on computers, and we can stream many popular shows off the Internet. However, some television prog... Read More »

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What extra support can i offer a child in reception who is using a computer?

Paintshop Pro is a great computer programme for creativity and knowledge. I use it to do shape play and colour recognition. The children can be creative through making their own pictures to print o... Read More »

Does titanium implants in your body interfere with cell phone, tv or computer reception?

No and magnets wont stick to your either.

How do you get the best reception from your tv?

From a very good antenna or HD sat or HD cable co. converter box.

Had no Sky reception since Thursday.?

Try the usual stuff. unplug your box and leave unplugged for one minute, unscrew wire at back then screw back in after the minute is up and plug back, leave another minute and see if the channels ... Read More »