How do i get to level 2 And what are stars?

Answer Get 250 pts. and you'll be on level 2. Then you can "rate" answers with "thumbs up" and "thumbs down." Just click on the “thumbs up” icon to give someone a “thumbs up” and show you approve ... Read More »

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How to Get Three Stars on "Angry Birds" Level 1-1?

In the game "Angry Birds" by Rovio, you must slingshot birds with angry faces into delicately balanced forts built by pigs. In the game, the pigs have stolen the birds' eggs, hence their anger. The... Read More »

What is your computer knowledge level,school/college/professio… level?

College level coz i m still in an engineering level... havn't entered an industry yet.. so will be having professional level when i ll be there next yr...

What can help my dad, has a high level level of ammonia in blood?

The hospital will have to test him for reasons why the ammonia levels are elevated. One common reason for high ammonia levels is a liver issue. There may or may not be a connection with the metfo... Read More »

Age 78 yrs hemoglobin level is 9.5 ESR is 48 Is the ESR level normal and what precautions are to be taken and what are its implications?

Your ESR level is pretty normal for your age: a general guideline is that it should be roughly less than your age divided by 2, or for a woman, age+10 divided by 2. So if you are male, it is a touc... Read More »