How do i get to Facebook from a school computer that blocked it!?

Answer I had the same problem. To overcome this i used btunnel which a site which basically spoofs your searches.www.btunnel.comIf this don't work then try to use this site

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How could I access facebook at school if my school blocked the site and also block all proxies?

Yes, it is called hacking and usually carries heavy punsihments if caught. Bottom line, the sites are blocked for a reason, respect that and do your school work at school. Go to the blocked sites... Read More »

How to get into facebook when its blocked at school?

You must use what's called a "proxy" site. BUT.. you must use a proxy site that allows you actually log in! The one that Danielj has posted will allow you view the public facebook, but not log in... Read More »

How can I go on facebook when the school has blocked it?

Answer: You can get on it by all of those roundabout routes - but how come you have time at school to go on facebook when you're there to take part in lessons for which the likes of me pay tax.....

My facebook blocked in this computer?

your browser on that computer probably has an extension installed that facebook does not allow you to useusually it's some sort of extension that spams your friends