How do i get the hood up on a Ford Explorer?

Answer All Ford Explorers, whether 6 or 8 cylinders, come with a manual latch system to close the hood. The latch is connected to a cable that leads to a handle on the driver's side of the dashboard. By p... Read More »

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How to Open the Hood of a Ford Explorer With a Broken Hood Cable?

The hood cable in a Ford Explorer runs from the hood latch to the hood release lever, inside the vehicle. This cable connects the interior hood release lever to the hood latch underneath the leadin... Read More »

My Ford Explorer Won't Start & There Is Smoke From Under the Hood?

If your Ford Explorer will not start and smoke is coming out from underneath the hood, then it is most likely overheated and needs to cool off. In some cases, the Explorer will start up properly af... Read More »

How to Replace 1997 Ford Explorer XLT Hood Struts?

The hood struts on the 1997 Ford Explorer XLT hold the engine hood up to eliminate the need for a hood prop. The struts are gas charged, and over time, the struts lose their charge. When this happe... Read More »

How to Lubricate the Hood/Hatch Latch in a Ford Explorer?

The Ford Explorer is an SUV classified as mid-sized. To ensure you can access the engine when you need to, it's important that you lubricate the hood latch in your 1991 and newer Ford Explorer abou... Read More »