How do i get rid of "you have a security problem!"?

Answer Chances are that the 'rogue' Anti virus that is causing this wants you to buy it's anti virus scanner. You can not usually access real anti virus sites once this is in your system. Unless you have ... Read More »

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Is this a security problem?

hii highly suggest you call on customer service and verify it from them directly. so as to make sure,

XP security problem spyware?

After reinstall XP, have you installed any software or surf the web?If no then virus or spyware is not the issue. You need to install all the driver that come with the computer particularly the dis... Read More »

You have a security problem. how do i disable it?

Help me in this problem related to internet security.?

F6 is used for selecting the URL for typing the new address. don't worry even i had received such mail and i did the same like u but, seriously nothing happened. So, no need to worry and the best t... Read More »