How do i get rid of what i have searched for?

Answer The best way to clean ALL the crap from your computer is Ccleaner, it's free, and will remove all history, search history, cookies, and temp junk files. Just install it, and run the cleaner about o... Read More »

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Will the ones we searched them in Facebook know we have searched them?

Nope you are Safe to Search they can Not Find Out you Searched for them or even Find Out if you viewed there profile or not there are apps that claim that they can tell you but there fake and dont ... Read More »

How do you delete what you have searched on GOOGLE?

internet explorer -tools>> delete browsing historyfirefox -tools>> clear private data

How do you get Google to forget what you have searched before?

How can i delet the sites i have searched in google?

Click on the Tools tab.Click on 'Internet Options'.Click the button that says 'Delete Browsing History'.And then choose 'Delete' with Form Data.