How do i get rid of virus from my computer without purchasing any antivirus software?

Answer protect ur flashdrives by downloading a flash drives scanner free from

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How to Delete the Footprints of a Particular Virus From Antivirus Software?

Computer viruses become more adept at defending themselves as anti-virus scanner technology becomes more advanced. Many viruses look for and attack anti-virus programs immediately upon infecting a ... Read More »

My computer has a virus, and whenever I try to open my anti-virus software, it closes up. What do I do?

How do I add new antivirus software to a computer?

Go to the antivirus maker’s website, and purchase and download the antivirus software. After downloading, click on the file you saved to install it. During the installation, enter the product key... Read More »

What's the best AntiVirus software for my computer?

I use a lot of different software for my computer. Though, for Anti-Virus software I use Kaspersky. It is the only software that will actually protect against IFrame hackers, Exploitations, Malwa... Read More »