How do i get rid of unqualified occupants on a lease that the lease holder left occupying the apartment. when the lease holder has left the apartment.?

Answer If he is a good landlord, he would check with local courts to see if you have a habit of prior evictions. Credit reports don't really have allot to do with someone, in my opinion, as a bad credit r... Read More »

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How to Get out of Your Apartment Lease?

If you need to get out of your lease for one reason or another, here are some steps you can take to try to break that contract.

What happens if i break my apartment lease?

On One Hand: "Constructive Eviction" May Allow You to WalkIf your apartment is not properly maintained and your landlord is to blame, you might perhaps walk away with no penalty. The tenant may be ... Read More »

How to Vacate an Apartment Before the Lease Is Up?

Usually when you sign an apartment lease, the period of the lease is 12 months. Some apartment complexes do offer shorter lease terms, such as three-, six- and nine-month leases. If you find that y... Read More »

How to Understand Your Apartment Lease?

It’s no secret that leases can be intimidating – they can be quite long and the language is often very confusing. As a result, many people will sign the lease without actually reading – or un... Read More »